Choosing A Supercharger

The Aussiespeed supercharger component range has been developed to assist you fit a supercharger to your engine. Many of the engine components in the Aussiespeed range are unique in that the larger manufacturers have found the volume to develop and produce products for these market is not viable for the financial return. Currently We dont make superchargers and have no official arrangements with any manufacturers of super chargers except The Blower Shop.

supercharger-aussiespeed - 1

Currently the  supercharger brands that Aussiespeed Components and kits are compatable with are. Eaton , The Blower Shop and Weiand / Holley / B&M .

The Weiand range of superchargers are referred to as radial style superchargers where the carburetor is mounted to the top of the blower housing with newer designed superchargers as used on late model cars like the Eaton M62, M90, M112, Whipple superchargers, the Magnuson or Magnacharger are also a axial superchargers with the air intake at the rear of the supercharger.

M45 Eaton supercharger.

Designed for cars and trucks with an engine capacity between the  2 to 3 litre range. As with all model Eaton superchargers depending on the level of performance the capacity of the super charger size is only a guide. Cars fitted from the factory that use the Eaton M45 superchargers are Mini, Mercedes Benz, BMW 4 cylinder engines.

M62 Eaton super charger
Designed for cars and trucks with a engine between 2.5 and 4.0 litre.As with all model Eaton superchargers depending on the level of performance the capacity of the super charger size is only a guide. Cars fitted from the factory with the M62 supercharger are Mercedes Benz, Nissan and small General Motors supercharged cars.

M90 Eaton supercharger.
Designed for engine size between 3.0L and 5.0L As with all model Eaton superchargers depending on the level of performance the capacity of the super charger size is only a guide. There are many variations in the M90 super charger that has been manufactured for car makers like General Motors with the L67 3.8L Buick engine, Ford V6 factory super charged 3.8L, L32 GM 3.8L

M112 Eaton supercharger.
Suitable for engines 5.0L and above.As with all model Eaton superchargers depending on the level of performance the capacity of the super charger size is only a guide. Vehicles fitted from the factory with an M112 super charger are the 150 Ford Harley Davidson pick up, Ford Lightning, Ford Cobra, GM Cadillac North Star and Jaguar.

Aussiespeed Gear case and drive snouts are compatible with 3 pin M series eaton superchargers.

Superchargers we currently are working on a range of different style kits and components
The M90 Eaton kit. We supply this without charger it can be used with generation 4 or generation 5 superchargers. It includes all the components including drive, intake, adapter, pulleys can make up to 12/15 psi  on 6 cylinder engines the superchargers are relatively  cheap. Down side is they are not very attractive in design and without custom made parts can be difficult to fit a carb to as it needs to be mounted from the rear of the charger. Can be used with LPG or fuel injection.

aussiespeed-under-bonnet-supercharger-kit - 1

M90 generation 4 Eaton supercharger and an EH Holden we purchased to fit and develop and under body supercharger kit for.

as0481-as0482-m90-supercharger - 1

We use our 3 pin style drive with 2 piece gearcase and snout. The Gen4 and Gen 5 superchargers use the same style 3 pin drive how ever the snouts are different lengths due to the rotor pack positioning in the supercharger case.


Many hours have gone into the development and experiments carried out to get the 3 pin coupler to work with OME style couplers.

m90-commodore-supercharger-holden-202 - 1

The Aussiespeed 2 piece snout and gear case allows for the supercharger to be centrally mounted on the engine. Its design allows for a snout support and tensioner to fitted to the snout and our 4 bolt pulley hub allows for pulley changes with out the need for specialized tools or pullers.

250-chevy-m112-1 - 1

The same drive and front gearcase cover can be used with the M112 supercharger. The snout length varies on different engines. Fitted to a Chevrolet 250 inline engine that uses fuel injection.

eaton-m112-supercharger-adapter.jpg - 1

The Aussiespeed range of adapter plates can be purchased on there own if you want to upgrade or as a raw casting for your own custom fit up.


Aussiespeed snout assembly in satin finish is available as a complete assembly or as components for upgrades or custom applications.


We also do a kit that uses a 142 weiand supercharger that with the right engine combination can deliver between 8 to 15 psi of boost. These look great have a top mount carb pad for single 4 barrel application. We have made just over 300 fly wheel horse power with this supercharger on a Holden 6 cylinder. Aussiespeed designed a range of manifolds, our own spline style drive, manifold support and other required components for this kit to be used on a variety of engines.

holden-6-full-polished-142-kit - 1

The kits can be supplied polished or in a satin finish.

weiand-chevy-straight-6-kit-142 - 1

Chevy 250 and 292 inline 6 blower kit to suit Weiand 142 supercharger.

The 100% Brand new 192CI supercharger from THE BLOWER SHOP  is a bigger supercharger that will deliver more boost. Looks wise it is one of our favorites.

192-blower-shop-chevy-straight-6-kit - 1

The 192 Blower shop requires a different length snout and adapter plate to be fitted to most engines. In April 2016 we started work on a range of manifolds that allow for the 192 to be bolted directly to the manifold for many inline 6 and V8 engines.

snout-support-tensioner - 1

Our super charger drive snouts are available in polished or satin finish.

142-192-overlay - 1

A pick shows the 142 gasket sitting on a 192 base plate.

192-250-supercharger - 1

The 192CI Blower shop supercharger and 250CI . The 192 was designed for small block Chevrolet engines and the 250CI was designed for Big Block applications. We will continue on developing kits and components for our customers worldwide.

supercharger-m-eaton-aussiespeed - 1

Due to the M90 GM supercharger having the widest base we have an adapter plate that bolts to the Aussiespeed 142 weiand manifold. This picture shows the height of the 192 blower shop supercharger with the adapter. Height of the 192 is 165mm including the adapter.

supercharger-192-the-blower-shop-aussiespeed - 1

At 150mm the Weiand 142 supercharger is the lowest in the range.

supercharger-m90-eaton-aussiespeed - 1

At 180mm the m90 air intake is the tallest part of the supercharger.  This includes the base plate adapter.The base plate adapter is used as the blower positioning on the manifold does not give you room to do up the manifold bolts.

adapter-192-the-blower-shop-aussiespeed - 1

At 25mm the 192 blower shop adapter is used on some engines AS0292 is the part number. Other wise the manifold bolts cant be installed due to there being not enough room between the manifold and cylinder head. If the runners were longer on the intake manifold it will hit on the strut tower or inner guard on some model cars.

adapter-m90-eaton-aussiespeed - 1

At around 18mm the AS0510 adapter is used for M90 superchargers to our Aussiespeed Manifolds.

In short the heights are.

M90 eaton, with adapter 192mm of the manifold plenum with an adapter 16mm thick.

192 The Blower Shop, with adapter 165mm of the manifold plenum with an adapter 25mm thick. A carb adapter must also be added. Depending if the engine is an oem fitment needs a 3.3 degree carb angle.

Weiand 142,  Doesnt require an adapter to fit to Aussiespeed manifolds total height 153mm of the plenum face.

The Chevy 194, 250, 292 does not require an adapter as the AS0038 blower intake can be supplied to fit either 192 or 142 .

Hemi 215, 245, 265 will accept the 192 without an adapter.

Slant 6 does not require an Adapter to fit 192 or 142.


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