Supercharger Fitting Holden 6

When it comes to fitting your supercharger remember you are fitting aftermarket performance parts designed to increase engine performance, these parts carry no warranty and most times we have seen problems they have been through incorrect fitment.


The first thing you will notice with your supercharger if it is new the cardboard over the intake and discharge says “DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THESE BOLTS 10-15 ft/lbs is it, failing to do so and over tightening will or can result in the supercharger housing warping causing permanent damage to the housing, rotors and or end plates. We have found a compression ratio of 8.00 to 1 is a good starting point compression wise.

holden-202-supercharger-kit - 1

your Aussiespeed supercharger kit is supplied with most of the components you need to install it. It is suggested a medium thread lock compound be used on bolts and fasteners.

full-satin-h6-blower-kit-side-ports-balancer - 1

If you purchase our kit including supercharger the kit includes oil base gaskets, manifold support thermo spacer gaskets, bolts . The harmonic balancer is optional and has had the modification to it for the bottom pulley. The top pulley supplied is a 77.5mm and the crank pulley is 125mm. Depending on many factors with the pulleys supplied between 5 to 10 PSI has been reported back to us from customers.

aussiespeed-extractor-flange - 1

This pic shows the from of the cylinder head on a Holden 6, on some headers the front flange may stick past the cylinder head. You will need to trim it back as the thermostat base spacer and snout support bolts on and sticks out past it.

supercharger-manifold-stud - 1

The manifold must locate on the two drilled holes to keep it mounted square with the crank.

Version 2

If you are using our Aussiespeed headers a small amount of the flange or header side may need to be removed, as there are no standards with flanges on headers it is not recommended that the manifold be trimmed back to far. The manifolds are machined and the location of the manifold face stud holes and the supercharger hold down bolts are relative to each other.


Always fit the manifold support bracket to the manifold,  the manifold support requires a 10mm hole to be drilled in the engine mount.

aussiespeed-supercharger-manifold-support - 1 (1)

The manifold is pre drilled and the rod end and lock nut simple screw in, there is a fair bit of adjustment on either end.

supercharger-manifold-support-aussiespeed - 1

Nuts, bolts, washers, rod ends and the support rod are included in the manifold support kit.

aussiespeed-snout-support-bolted - 1

With the flange trimmed back make sure the backside of the support bracket aligns with the holes on the base. The kit is supplied with 2 short and one long bolt as well as 2 gaskets. A spring washer and a flat washer are also supplied. make sure that the bolts tighten before bottoming out our there is a good chance you will have a water leak.

aussiespeed-snout-support-head - 1

Use the washers supplied to avoid the bolts bottoming out, The thread size is 3/8 unc and different manufactures have made the thickness of the housing vary.

aussiespeed-snout-support-washers - 1

If the thermo doesnt seal and the bolt bottoms out use both the flat and spring washer.

supercharger-drive-socket - 1

With the manifold installed its time to assemble the supercharger drive coupler and supercharger drive snout.

supercharger-drive-socket-bolted - 1

Four bolts hold the splined drive in place a small amount of thread locking compound should be fitted to the socket head cap screws.

supercharger-drive-spline-drive - 1

The spline drive of the snout fits the drive, there are different length female couplers, a quick measure of the coupler length and the spline depth from the gasket mating face to see that you have a matched set.

supercharger-drive-gasket-bolts - 1

once you know the supercharger drive snout spline and splined drive socket are correct its time to bolt the 2 together with the paper gasket and 1/4 unc retaining bolts again with a small amount of thread lock compound on the threads and a sealant on the gasket is optional.

supercharger-snout-accessories-spread - 1

To stop scraping or scratching use a leaver or screw driver to spread the supercharger support bracket and tensioner when fitting the to the supercharger drive snout.

supercharger-snout-key-drive - 1

The front section of all Aussiespeed supercharger drives use a 3/16 key and drive hub, the key should not push back on the bearing inside the snout. A small file can be used to get the key to be a snug fit on the shaft.


The Aussiespeed supercharger drive hub assembly has a key way groove cut in the backside. A bit of time fitting and filing the key will make the job to dissemble later on much easier than forcing it all together.


with the hub fitted the center bolt should also have a small amount of thread lock fitted.

snout-support-tensioner - 1

A pic of the snout bolted to the supercharger along with the snout support and tensioner. To do a top pulley change it is simple, undo the tensioner socket head bolt, undo the 4 pulley to hub bolts and the pulley can be changed. No special pullers or tools required except for 2 allen keys.

aussiespeed-blower-tensioner-support - 1

Once bolted in position the snout support and the M8 bolt, 3 flat washers and nylock nut can be fitted to the snout support bracket. There are 2 larger socket head cap screws that bolt the mechanical tensioner to the snout mounted bracket.

aussiespeed-snout-support-to-thermo - 1

Note the spacer between the arm and bracket.



If you purchased the kit without the balancer you will need to machine the step for the lower supercharger drive pulley to locate on the balancer. Aussiespeed can supply a chemically bonded harmonic balancer for your Holden 6 and Hemi, Slant, Falcon and many other engines with the step pre machined.



Always check the oil level of the supercharger when it is in position on your car on level ground before insulation. Aussiespeed sells a high quality full synthetic oil with additives to reduce foaming at high rpm, as well as compounds in the formulation for maximum protection of moving parts. The oil level should be visible through the glass site plug fitted to most superchargers or to the oil plug hole that is normally placed about half way up the gear case cover. Excessive over-filling can result in a loss of horsepower but using less oil can result in loss of your supercharger so a mm or two over the sight plug wont hurt. The paper base gasket that gets fitted between the supercharger and the intake manifold can be lightly coated with baby powder so it still gives a good seal and can be reused if need be.


Aussiespeed AS0515-200 and AS0515-300 are both available in our online store. CHECK OUT OUR BLOWER SHOP

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Aussiespeed supercharger kits are available in polished or satin finish. The kits can be used with the Holley, Weiand or B&M brand superchargers, 192 CI superchargers from the blower shop as well as Eaton M90 and M112.

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Aussiespeed Street Supercharging can supply Carbs, ignition systems as well as many other products that may be needed for your blown engine.

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An engine build was recently done and all the results published on the Aussiespeed Street Supercharging website. Click the link below to view the recipe, pics and video of the results.