Supercharger Manifolds

Aussiespeed has an extensive range of manifolds to suit supercharged engines. The Aussiespeed line up of manifolds includes an extensive inline 6 cylinder range and specialised V8 range. The Aussiespeed range of supercharger kits is more related to older style pre fuel injected engines.


Holden 6 cylinder Aussiespeed supercharger manifold has provision for fuel injection, bypass valve, backfire valve. Two model manifolds AS0074 suit red motor 149, 161, 173, 179, 186 and 202 engines. Aussiespeed manifold part numberĀ  AS0075 suits 2850 and 3.3 litre 173 and 202 blue and black 6 cylinder engines

as0225-slant-6-supercharger-manifold proto type LR

Aussiespeed have produced many performance products for the slant six valiant, the long runner Aussie speed Hurricane manifold has been a great contender on slant 6 valiant engines and the long runner version on the slant 6 225 engine performs well. Pictured is an Aussiespeed AS0225 supercharger manifold casting that suits a Yella Terra 1.5 litre top or rear mount Terracharger.


The Aussiespeed have invested a huge amount of money in tooling, machining fixtures for not only its Holden 6 cylinder supercharger manifold but the entire range of manifolds and components to give our customers complete supercharger kits or a component to complete there project. The part number for the Aussiespeed Holden 6 cylinder intakes are

AS0502 suits red motor 9 port cylinder heads

AS0509 suits Blue & black motor Holden 6 cylinder 12 port heads.

aussiespeed-street superchargers

Ford 6 cylinder crossflow, the later OHC 4.0 and 3.9 litre Ford Aussiespeed supercharger manifold plus the Holden 6 cylinder all designed to accept a range of different superchargers


Aussiespeed Chevy inline 6 cylinder rectangular port intake manifold suits Weiand 142 and 144 superchargers, Aussiespeed have developed a range of adapters for the Aussiespeed range of intake manifolds to accept Eaton M90 and Eaton M112 superchargers also. Part number for this manifold is AS0038.

Ford 250 2v manifold

Ford 250 2V supercharger manifold is designed to fit a Weiand 142 and Weiand 144 supercharger with the option of fitting a M90 or M112 Eaton super charger also. Aussiespeed Part number for the 2V Ford 6 cylinder manifold is AS0032.


The Aussiespeed Supercharger range of manifolds is ever growing, we have one of the best ranges of performance parts for straight 6 powered engines in the world. Aussiespeed blower manifolds can be purchased on there own to allow you to complete your own kit as are all the components in our range. The polished Hemi 6 manifold is available as part of our range.


Aussiespeed polished 71 series tunnel ram manifold available for Holden 253 , 308 engines andĀ  Cleveland 302 , 351 engines with 2V cylinder heads.

crossflow-blower-manifold - 1

Most of our manifolds are available with a manifold support.