Blower Pipes

When you have a supercharger pumping fuel and air in you need to get them gases out. As Aussiespeed develop our supercharger kits we are also looking at what is available as an option for extractors to suit our street supercharger kits. The Aussiespeed range of extractors are available in our online speed shop.

Aussiespeed big tube headers are a mandrel bent mild steel pipes with a larger primary and secondary pipe to help pump them exhaust gases out. Sure a custom set of pipes can deliver extra horsepower but can be 3 to 4 times the price as off the shelf pipes. Aussiespeed Big Tubes are made in Australia using CNC mandrel benders, fully supported welding fixtures. Aussiespeed Big tubes are not but welded on any joints and are stress relieved after welding.  Aussiespeed extractors are supplied painted and can be ceramic coated. We always recommended test fitting header pipes before coating just in case there are modifications required. We do not recommend completely wrapping the the pipes in thermal exhaust bandage as the extreme heat can shorten the life of our extractors.



Many of the extractors available are made for generic fit up on different years and models and need to fit with many different types of engine accessories like air conditioning compressor, alternators power steering pumps etc. To cut down on the number of different types needed some extractors are compromised in design to work with these variations. Aussiespeed AS0122 to suit 9 port cylinder heads and AS0039 to fit 12 port cylinder heads were developed as a shorty style header pipe with an 1 5/8 primary pipe and 2 1/4 outlet on the collectors. To design 1 pipe that will fit both 9 & 12 port could be done but it would be like running around with a plastic bag on your head. The 2 part numbers we have found fit every body style we have tried them in including some retro fitted Holden 6 cylinder engines in non Holden bodied cars. Both sets of pipes will work with our 2 barrel, 4 barrel, triple and supercharger manifolds. We have used the pipes to develop Holden 6 cylinder engines making 300 plus horse power. We are not going to tell you our pipes are going to make more power than custom pipes but believe bang for buck they are great performers.


Slant 6 225 Valiant Chrysler Headers AS0198

as0198 slant 6 big pipes

The first tubular headers that were available in the Aussiespeed range was the AS0198 1 5/8 primary pipe short style headers, these will fit left hand drive  1967 onwards and Australian manufactured right hand drive cars. We being fitted to some cars with air conditioning or the cars with a large starter motor or front mounted oil filter some mods may be necessary.

Slant 6 225 Valiant Chrysler Headers AS0040


The AS040 Aussiespeed headers are similar in design except they use 1 1/2 primary pipes. they fit the same models as the AS0198. These are great for a very mild street engine running low boost.

Slant 6, Hemi 6, Batwing retaing tabs for Valiant Chrysler Headers


Aussiespeed Slant 6 manifold batwing tabs are precisely cut to reduce the amount of grinding when fitting not just Aussiespeed headers and intake manifolds but any after market manifolds or extractors. These are available in our online store.

Ford owners the AS0504 Aussiespeed 1 3/4 primary pipes suit Ford 3.9 & 4.0L single over head cam engines.


Aussiespeed shorty style headers for Ford inline SOHC 3.9 and 4.0 engines. The larger diameter pipes help get the exhaust volume up on you blown 6 cylinder Ford engine and the shorty design makes them fit more body styles, depending on the boost the collector will accept up to a 3 inch pipe that can be used for the secondary section of your exhaust. These are available in our online speed shop in the headers section.