Ford Crossflow Supercharger kit

Aussiespeed have designed and manufactured a range of Ford 6 cylinder Crossflow Alloy head engine supercharger kits and components.

crossflow-blower-kit - 1

The kit pictured above can be purchased with what ever components you require, from a belt to a complete kit including a satin finish or polished supercharger.

250-crossflow-supercharger-kit - 1

This picture is of a mock up of the first kit to suit the Ford xflow 250 engine.

weiand-supercharger-fairlane - 1

The donor car we used to develop the kit and test and trial fit was a 1986 Ford Fairlane. It was fitted with fuel injection, power steering as well as air conditioning and cruise control.Getting every thing to fit in without having to modify the strut/ shocker tower was a challange.

aussiespeed-street superchargers

From where we started to where we finished was what it was all about,  offer the worlds largest ranges of inline 6 cylinder supercharger kits that can be used with a wide range of superchargers.

250-crossflow-power-steering-air-conditioning - 1

We have designed the kit so it can be run on engines both with and without power steering, There is no mods required to standard fan belts.

snout-support-aussiespeed - 1

A 10mm hole needs to be drilled into the power steering pump bracket, this is for the snout support that is included in the supercharger kit.

250-crossflow-manifold-support - 1

The manifold is drilled and tapped for the I bolt rod end that the manifold support fits to. A 10mm hole needs to be drilled into the engine mount bracket.

crossflow-blower-manifold - 1

The manifold support is available from Aussiespeed it is a laser cut steel bar that is pre drilled.

as0153-crossflow-blower-manifold - 1

The Aussiespeed Ford 250 crossflow supercharger manifold can be purchased as a raw casting for the DIY guys or fully machined ready to bolt on. With the AS0510 adapter plate an M90 eaton supercharger can be fitted.

250-crossflow-distributor - 1

The distributor cap requires the female style cap and plug leads.

aussiespeed-supercharger-falcon-6 - 1

Ready to be bolted on the kit with hardware, drive, fasteners, crank pulley, chemically bonded harmonic balancer and manifold.

aussiespeed-supercharger-falcon - 1

Some simple assembly is required. Aussiespeed can supply new or rebuilt superchargers with the kit.

m90-crossflow - 1

Fitted with an M90 Commodore supercharger engine bay clearance is a real problem.

m90-fairlane - 1