Hemi 6 supercharger kit

Aussiespeed offer many different options when it comes to fitting a blower on your Hemi 6,



manifold-snout-support-hemi-6 - 1

This pic shows the mounting position of Aussiespeed manifold support strut and super charger snout mounting kit. Both have the option of being adjusted if a decompression plate or engine deck height has been changed.

245-hemi-6-supercharger-kit.jpg - 1

As there are many variable combinations when it comes to supercharger choice and size we have made our components to fit many different applications. Aussiespeed offer supercharger to manifold adapters that position the supercharger so our of the shelf components can be used.


Hemi 6 cylinder snout mounted belt tensioner and snout support kit are easy to fit and adjust, they are available in both satin and polished finishes.


Snout kit fitted to a weiand 142 supercharger these are precisely machined, built and assembled to operate smoothly across the rev range.


Assembled super charger drive systems are available with this system designed to replace the short one piece snout as fitted to V6 Commodore engines when fitting to longer inline 6 cylinder engines.

supercharger-pulley-adapter.jpg - 1

Aussiespeed supercharger drives are machined from steel and are available in 6 rib as standard in our super charger kits with some options of 8 and 10 rib upgrades available.


Aussiespeed supercharger drive systems are available in both 1 inch spline drive and 3 pin dog drives to suit Eaton M series supercharger, the standard coupler is used with the 3 pin drive system.


This picture gives the height of a Weiand 142 mounted to an Aussiespeed AS0033 supercharger manifold, when fitting Eaton superchargers a 25mm adapter plate needs to be fitted.

m90-supercharger-carb-adaptor.jpg - 1

When using an Eaton M90 Commodore generation 4 supercharger and intake elbow the throttle body can be replaced with an Aussiespeed AS0343 4 barrel carb adapter.

blown-hemi-6.jpg - 1

Polished Kit fitted to a 245 Hemi 6

aussiespeed-polished-supercharger-kit - 1

Aussiespeed continually are developing new components, this USA made 192 cubic inch supercharger will soon be available to fit a wide range of engines.