Projects & Development

Aussiespeed Street Supercharging offer a range of unique supercharger components that compliment products made by other manufacturers that can be used to supercharge many different sizes and types of engines. We are continually building on the range of components we manufacture to make supercharging more affordable. We have spent countless hours designing, manufacturing proto typing and experimenting with components.


A kit supplied


Aussiespeed Vauxhall Viva is used to promote and show case the Aussiespeed product range.


Hemi 265 fitted with Aussiespeed blower manifold, there are many components that need to be measured and made to complete the kit for supercharging your Hemi 6 cylinder


The Aussiespeed Ford 6 cylinder range is extensively covered with the inline Ford six engine, from the 250-2V, Cross flow Alloy head, OHC 3.9 and 4.0 Falcon engine, the DOHC Ford 6 and the 240-300 Ford big 6 kit will also be available.


An extensive amount of work went into the Terra Charger to manufacture an intake manifold to fit the Holden red and blue motor, these are available for both fuel injected or carburetored motors


The Holden 6 cylinder kit is progressing well, the new manifold can be fitted with many different sizes and brands of superchargers.


We are constantly developing new products and additional supercharger components to work with other manufacturers products, Pictured is a Weiand supercharger snout and idler with a spacer and hub on the drive snout to accept bolt on pulleys.


An extensive amount of work goes into each and every manifold. Aussiespeed manufacture one of the worlds largest ranges of inline 6 cylinder supercharger manifolds. Shown above is a Slant 6 Chrysler blower manifold pattern.

245-hemi-6-supercharger-kit.jpg - 1

As well as supercharger manifolds Aussiespeed also manufacture a range of adapter plates and spacers for many different types of supercharges.

eaton-m112-supercharger-adapter.jpg - 1

The extensive range of components manufactured for supercharger brands like Weiand, Eaton, The Blower Shop, Wade Superchargers by Aussiespeed is designed to take out many of the engineering challenges related to supercharging an engine.

holden-6-manifold-support.jpg - 1

Additional bracing is required on some supercharger conversions. Aussiespeed have developed some strong lite weight manifold brace kits for many inline engines.

m90-supercharger-carb-adaptor.jpg - 1

A 4 barrel carburetor adapter that bolts to Eaton M90 superchargers. This allows for Holley squarebore carbs to be fitted to superchargers that were designed for fuel injected applications.

m90-supercharger-holden-6-kit.jpg - 1

With a line up of supercharger drives, gear cases, carb adapters, supercharger to manifold adapters as well the Aussiespeed supercharger manifolds we have many engines covered and others under development.

supercharger-crank-adapter.jpg - 1

Aussiespeed supercharger harmonic balancer crank hubs are available to suit many different engines. We use our own 4 bolt and 3 boltĀ  supercharger pulley to hub adapterĀ  so accurate supercharger belt and pulley alignment is correct.chevy-supercharger-crank-adapter.jpg - 1

A partly machined supercharger crank drive pulley accepts a 6 rib belt. We manufacture crankshaft bottom supercharger drive pulleys in various diameters.

250-chevy-m112-1 - 1

The Aussiespeed range of components allows customers doing one of fit ups to certain engines the benefit that all our products are available as single items. This 292 Chevy has been fitted with a Eaton m112 supercharger using and adapter to fit the Aussiespeed Chevy 6 manifold.