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Aussiespeed Street Supercharging offers supercharging kits , SuperĀ  Manifolds, Super Charger Snouts, Super Charger Carb Adapters and components for superchargers including Weiand , The Blower Shop , Eaton , GM 71 Series Super Chargers


Aussiespeed offer one of the most extensive range of supercharger kits to suit inline engines.

Aussiespeed super charged Holden 6

Dave sent us a short video of his EH ute fitted with components from that make up our supercharger kits.

Posted by Aussiespeed Performance Products on Sunday, 17 May 2015


Made and Designed in Australia.

Short video of Six Shooter fire up, this was one of the first few fire ups, quick fuel blower carb straight out the box, minimal timing. Pre dyno tune. #aussiespeed #kustombitz #blown #inline6 ##6inarow

Posted by Aussiespeed Performance Products on Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Supercharger snout and support systems

Dave's Six Shooters first time out with its new engine Combo, Holden 202 fitted with 142 ci Aussiespeed Performance Products Supercharger kit, evil stick blower cam, big bore headers and Quick Fuel Technology carb, has run 7.70 1/8th mile with just 6 psi of boost.

Posted by Aussiespeed Street Superchargers on Monday, 29 August 2016


Australian Made Supercharger Manifolds & Tunnel Rams


Supercharger Pulleys, tensioners and belts


Supercharger manifold and carb adapters.

Our range will allow you to build that car you have always wanted, we can supply from a single component to a complete polished bolt on supercharger kit.


We are currently developing more kits and components to fit awide range of supercharger kits and components to fit many kinds of engines

Aussiespeed Street and Racing Products offer one of the most diverse ranges or performance parts available. From single cylinder small 4 stroke engines through to big cubic inch American V8 engines. We hope that The Aussiespeed street supercharging website gives you the information and that our products are suitable for your conversion. The Aussiespeed Street Supercharging website is being updated and more information and products are being added regularly. Aussiespeed ship worldwide our entire range of products.

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Our range of inline 6 cylinder speed equipment is used on street cars and race cars around the world

Aussiespeed offer a range of components that allow you to make and build your own supercharger kit as well as partial kits to complete bolt on supercharger kits. Aussiespeed also offer a range of big bore extractors for inline 6 cylinder engines suitable for forced induction engines

Aussiespeed Street Supercharging have a focus on making super charging your engine affordable, Aussiespeed continually are developing new products to make the conversion easier when it comes to supercharger fitment.