Weiand 142 Blower to Chevy 6

This info may help you if you are considering fitting a supercharger to your Chevrolet 250 or 292 six cylinder motor. Aussiespeed can supply the components for you to complete your own kit. Aussiespeed can supply from just the supercharger intake manifold, crank adapter, tensioner, to a blower drive belt to a complete kit with all components less supercharger. We will advise you on other components so you have a complete kit ready to bolt on including carburetor and ignition system if required.

weiand-chevy-straight-6-kit-142 - 1

The Aussiespeed Chevy 250, 292 supercharger kit to suit Weiand 142 superchargers.

192-blower-shop-chevy-straight-6-kit - 1

This kit has the components for the installation of 192 cubic inch supercharger from the blower shop on Chevy inline 250 and 292 engines.

250-chevy-aussiespeed-supercharger-kit - 1

This supercharger kit includes components and is sold as Aussiespeed part number ASBK-0044S,  Suits Chevrolet 6 cylinder 250  engines.The 292 with its 3V harmonic dampener requires a long drive snout and an additional crank shaft extension hub
Kit ASBK-0044S contain.
The parts included in this kit are required to fit a Weiand 142, Weiand 144, B&M, Holley small block Chevrolet supercharger to your Chevy 6 cylinder.

Aussiespeed manifold.
Manifold support bracket.
Aluminum tensioner arm.
Dampener style  tensioner.
Supercharger drive belt 6 rib.
Crankshaft bolt hub pulley 140mm is standard diameter.
Supercharger drive snout 4 bolt hub for quick pulley changes.
Supercharger bolt on top pulley 77.5 delivers 5 to 7 psi boost
Supercharger snout support.

With the components we supply to complete the kit  Aussiespeed offer adapters to fit 177 Weiand superchargers to the 142 manifold as well as adapters to fit M90 Eaton, M112 Eaton and dual 4 barrel carb adapter.
Weiand Kit Part Numbers.
6010-1 Satin finish supercharger less drive
6011-1 Polished finish supercharger less drive

Some people have purchased used small block Chevy short or long water pump kits and kept the supercharger, snout bolts and supercharger hold down bolts and sold of the other components and used a second hand supercharger.
6010-1 Satin finish 142 supercharger
6011-1 Polished 142 supercharger


Yes we can supply a complete kit or the components less the supercharger and drive, due  to the fluctuating US dollar we can supply the supercharger with prices being listed in our webstore as a guide to the landed Australian dollar cost.

Check out a customers build by clicking this link

The harmonic balancer on the engine needs to be in good condition and is designed to be used with the twin V belt style. The supercharger hub locates on the boss on the dampener and no other machining is required to the dampener. We can supply the crank hub to suit various balancers.

292-chevy-3v-pulley - 1

292 chevy inline 3v balancer

250-chevy-2v-pulley - 1

194 and 250 engines fitted with a 2v balancer.


The Aussiespeed AS325-20 is supplied with both Chevy 6 inline kits. it may not be required with twin v belt style balancers.

Chevy 250 fitted with  140mm bottom and 77mm top pulley Requires Part Number AS0485-1275 supercharger drive belt.

A revision has been under taken on Aussiespeed Supercharger kits to suit Chevy L6 250 and 292 Cubic inch engines. Listed below is the correct harmonic balancer that will fit 250 and 292 Chevy engines. To use the Aussiespeed 6 cylinder Chev kit you must use the intake as the supercharger pad on thew intake manifold is drilled in the correct location when used with our snout, crank spacer hub, bottom pulley and the correct model balancer. The tensioner we use is designed to be used on the side of an inline 6 and the tensioning requirements are different than a v6 or v8 engine.

PB1027N Harmonic Balancer

AS0455-287 Drive Snout.

AS0325-28 Crank Hub.

If you click the link you can view the pictures of a 250 Chevy Aussiespeed Supercharger kit fit up.


Shipping weight of the kit minus super charger is 14kg.