Customer Gallery Page

This page is to show some of the ways people have fitted superchargers to there engines with components they have manufactured themselves or purchased off the shelf. Not all the supercharged engines on this page use Aussiespeed Super Charger Components. Feel free to email your pics and some info if you would like it to be added to our page.

t-bucket-blown-6 - 1

All the way from the US of A, the owner of this T bucket ordered an Aussiespeed supercharger kit for his inline 250 Chev powered T bucket

aussiespeed-supercharger-kit-cresta - 1

This 1960s Vauxhall Cresta is fitted with a 202 Holden 6 cylinder and topped of with an Aussiespeed supercharger kit.

aussiespeed-satin-supercharger-kit - 1

Engine bay of the Cresta

fuckn neoww

This EH is owned by Dave from NSW. It’s always good when we can have customers involved in the development, and the feedback they can gives us to make any changes or components easier to fit.

 blown-eh-ute - 1

As you can see, most of the Aussiespeed Weiand supercharger kit fits under the bonnet. The air filter uses a 3 inch element and with a low profile filter, will go close to just protruding.

blown-eh-manifold - 1

As you can see, there is no engine bay mods required to fit the manifold into an EH Holden engine bay.

eh-manifold-support - 1

The manifold only requires 1 hole to be drilled through the engine mount ear.

snout-support-tensioner - 1

Lots of work has gone into designing our kits to give them a high quality appearance, with most components designed and manufactured here in Australia.


Chrysler Hemi 245 fitted with a 265 cylinder head and Aussiespeed supercharger components. A Quick Fuel E85 650 carburetor on top.

Ford 250 Crossflow


Another problem was the intake manifold was a small 2 barrel with  a plate welded to the top. We supplied an

AS0016 4 barrel manifold,

AS0068 converts to external bolt pattern,

AS0067 Manifold to supercharger wedge,

AS0059 Back fire valve kit


We had a call from a customer who had purchased a supercharged 250 crossflow that had a rear entry carburetor fitted to an extended intake pipe. There was a few problems with fuel pooling as the distance between the blower and carb was a long way.


As you can see, some of the problems with designing an under bonnet kit. The Cortina has a low bonnet

HR Holden
supercharged-hr-holdenHolden HR from Perth has been fitted with a remote mounted supercharger just forward of the distributor on the drivers side. The supercharger is fitted with an AS0184 supercharger discharge elbow and blows through a 4 barrel carb into an Aussiespeed 4 barrel manifold. The customer wanted to keep his supercharger under the bonnet.


The supercharger is mounted to a steel bracket with air intake and air filter next to the brake booster. With this type of system an intercooler can be added by re-pluming the intake  pipes.

Terra Charger


Pictured is a Holden 202 blue motor fuel injected super charger kit. the kit can be purchased complete or as components. The standard Aussiespeed® blower kits accept the terra charger made by Yella Terra, These superchargers are based on the M90 eaton 1.5 litre radial or axial style blower.

Supercharged Slant 6

supercharged slant 6 valiant

Australian Ap6 Valiant with supercharged 225 Slant 6, Old school looks with white wall tyres,wheel spats,sunvisor.

supercharged-slant-6 valiant-aussiespeed-manifold-LR

A blown slant six Chrysler engine. The Valiant runs AussieSpeed® supercharger manifold, B&M 144 supecharger & Holley 4 barrel vac carby

VC Valiant 225 Slant 6


Australian produced right hand drive VC Valiant old school build from Queensland

VC Valiant ute 225 Slant 6


Slant 6 supercharged valiant VC ute, the stock slant 6 valiant runs Aussiespeed as0198 large bore extractors Howler slant 6 long runner supercharger kit, re curved stock distributor 600 holley double pumper carb.


Super Charged slant six Valiant ute engine bay, the Howler forced induction blower kit uses many Aussiespeed components.

slant 6 blown

Very nice Valiant with a an old school look and a blown slant

supercharged ap5 valiant slant 6 lr

The customer built his own kit but took use of many of the components we have available.


Aussiespeed supercharger kit fitted to a stock 225 slant 6 with 3 speed manual gearbox that is being refitted with a 3 speed auto gearbox.


Holden 6 fitted with radial Terra Charger.

aussiespeed-polished-supercharger - 1

Polished Aussiespeed Supercharger kit fitted to an FX Holden.

This kit fits under the bonnet in FX FJ Holden

Customer in NZ used and Aussiespeed Supercharger kit and big bore extractors in his early Holden.

177 Weiand used with an Aussiespeed supercharger kit on Holden 202 blue motor with a 12 port head and E85 Quick Fuel Carb

polished-blower-snouts - 1

Our polished and satin finish supercharger snouts are made right here in Australia.


Polished Holden V8 Aussiespeed tunnel ram supercharger manifold.


Polished Hemi 6 cylinder supercharger manifold

ROVER V8 From England.


We supplied and worked in with the customer with pulleys, tensioner, gear case, snout for his Rover V8 Capri fit up.


Twin SU carbs were fitted as there are plenty of them in the UK.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.33.19 am

When we see a project like this come together it makes the all the hours that were put into designing, testing and manufacturing a product like our Aussiespeed Supercharger drive system for our valued customers worldwide worth it.


The snout mounted supercharger belt tensioner and quick change pulley system makes Aussiespeed supercharger drive systems adaptable to so many different engines. The Rover 3.5L V8 fitted with a M112 Eaton supercharger fitted to a Ford Capri in the United Kingdom is a real mix of manufacturers.

Customer from Qld used or components to adapt a 177 Weiand to his 5L Holden V8.

We have our own Holden V8 kits currently under development for both early and late engines.