Ford 6 cylinder supercharger Kits

This section of the Aussiespeed street supercharging website has information related to the Ford six cylinder engine family. We will cover engines from the early Falcon 144, 170, 188, 200, 221 the integrated cylinder head 250,  plus the Australian produced 250 2v.


Its another huge job requiring lots of calculations, component design and development as well as many experiments and testing. Our aim was to design off the shelf components that can be purchased as a kit or individual components to allow you to supercharge your inline Ford engine.

ford,holden,hemi-6-superchargers - 1

This was an early photo taken of 3 of the 6 cylinder engines we had almost completed kits for. The Holden 6 cylinder for both 9 & 12 Port cylinder heads, The Hemi 215, 245 and 265 is a real torque monster when a blower is fitted and the engine on the right is a 221 fitted with the 250 2V cylinder head. The Ford 6 cylinder range from 144 through to the Big 300 American six use very simular components except the intake manifolds, bottom pulley and drive lengths.

The Dampers on these engines was the first thing we needed to address as the bottom pulley on a supercharged engine needs something more than 3 or 4 bolts to mount on.

250-front-balancer - 1

The stock single pulley later production 200/ 250 Australian XA, XB Falcon type engine.

ford-6-bolt-150mm - 1

The 221 Balancer from the earlier style block with the smaller water pump cavity.

ford-6-bolt-175mm - 1

Another balancer with different dimentions. It is not the outer diameter that is a problem except on the earlier engines as its over all size hits on the timing mark.

ford-6-bolt-175mm-single-v - 1

A twin pulley balancer of a Ford 4.1 / 250 Australian produced crossflow engine.


OHC Ford balancer has a different mounting PCD.

ford-6-balancersx3 - 1

All 3 lined up, from thew left is the 144,188, 221. Middle is the 200 and 250  and the 3rd is a twin V belt style from a cross flow Ford engine.

ford-6-balancersx3-top - 1

Top View shows them all as 3 bolt in the centre but guess what ? all have a different PCD and to mix things up further there is a 4 bolt version fitted to the later cross flow engine.


2v-supercharger-manifold-casting - 1

The tooling to produce the blower manifold to suit the 2V Ford cylinder head was designed and cast. It can also be used as a 2×2 or 2×4 intake.

2502v-250-head-chambers - 1

The cylinder head at the front is from a Ford XB 250 falcon 6 cylinder engine. The head at the back is a 250 2V .

2502v-head-chamber - 1

The combustion chamber of the 250 2V cylinder head.

250-log-combustion-chamber - 1

Conventional 250 with log manifold.

2v-250-chamber - 1

250 2v cylinder head.

250-log-2v-250-exhaust - 1

exhaust ports of the 2 cylinder heads

250-log-2v-250-exhaust-port - 1

intake ports.

250-2v-supercharger-manifold - 1

There is little chance you would get this kit under bonnet.

250-2v-supercharger-m90-eaton - 1

The M90 in position with a factory commodore intake clears the valve cover.

250-2v-supercharger-m90-eaton-carb - 1

Carburetor mounted on our 4 barrel to throttle body adapter.