Under bonnet supercharger kits

Aussiespeed Street Supercharging offer a range of kits and components, with the success of the range so far has made us decide to extend it as many requests, emails and phone calls have been received.

m90-commodore-supercharger-holden-202 - 1

As there are different size engine bays with high and low bonnet lines we know it isnt going to be a one product fits all. Rather than compromise the performance of your engine with a one product fits all we know its going to involve a few more components and take a bit longer.

supercharger-holden-ute-ej-back - 1

With the EH / EJ Holden having a low bonnet line and isnt huge on room it is the body style the kits will be modeled on.

aussiespeed-supercharger-holden-ute - 1

The Ej had been fitted with a 161 red motor at some stage so it made it ideal as a donor car for the test fit.

supercharger-holden-ute-ej - 1

The bonnet hinge was something we thought might pose a problem and sure enough it did.

supercharger-fit-up-ej-1 - 1

With the air cleaner removed we started to remove the stock intake and exhaust manifold. The battery tray also will need to be removed and either a slimline battery or relocate the battery is another option.

supercharger-fit-up-ej-2 - 1

With every thing out the way we had a good look over what other things might cause a problem, the linkage on the firewall will also need to be rehashed and a late model peddle and cable would be the simplest.

supercharger-aussiespeed-fit-up-ej-4 - 1

The manifold slide straight on to the manifold studs and the intake fitted in around the battery tray.

supercharger-aussiespeed-fit-up-ej-5 - 1

The first fit up was done with a generation 4 M90 Commodore supercharger with the factory U bend. The factory snout is fitted to the super charger but if you try using it and extending it it creates a list of problems.

supercharger-m90-aussiespeed-fit-up-ej-6 - 1

The AS0343 carb adapter fits many other cars that are not as tight as the EH/EJ in the engine bay. A revision of the adapter will allow it to be moved further forward and also allow us to get the height down a bit as well.

aussiespeed-under-bonnet-supercharger-kit - 1

With our snout, gear case and base adapter now done we can continue the components required to complete the kit. The drive snout has a support and tensioner that mount directly as well as the belt tensioner.

aussiespeed-under-bonnet-supercharger-kit-top - 1

The width between the inner guard and supercharger will allow for the carburetor, throttle body or gas mixer to be mounted along side.

aussiespeed-eh-supercharger-kit-bypass - 1

Doesnt look like the V6 Commodore elbow will fit in the early Holden body styles, we are currently doing a universal supercharger intake for the M90.

aussiespeed-supercharger-kit-m90-adapter - 1

The width of the adapter plate and manifold bolted in place is around 274mm, The adapter plate is removable as we wanted the supercharger centrally mounted on the engine. If the plate wasnt used to bolt the manifold and extractors on would be a night mare.

aussiespeed-supercharger-kit-m90-height - 1

Measuring fron the cylinder head with the adapter fitted to the manifold and supercharger on top the total height is just under 165mm.

aussiespeed-supercharger-kit-m90-adapter - 1

The bypass valve is fully operational and uses the Weiand 142 base gasket between the adapter and manifold. A m90 commodore gasket is used between the supercharger and adapter.

On some models the rear entry are will have to be fabricated or cut and shut to clear the bonnet hinge or other parts in the engine bay.

This page is under construction and will be updated as we make progress.