Weiand supercharger Info

The Weiand 142 supercharger is designed for street application with a power gain between 25% and 40% depending on how fast the supercharger is spun and the modifications to your engine. The Weiand 142 Pro Street Super Charger is a 100% brand new super charger. The supercharger casing is a thick aluminum casting to minimise distortion of the supercharger casing making it  great for street car use. The 142 pro-street super charger produces 142 cubic Inches of air with each revolution. The 142 Weiand does not use Teflon strips to seal the rotors and relys on tight rotor to housing clearances to produce boost.


We find that purchasing a complete kit is the best way as it includes all the hardware required to fit your super charger. The kit pictured is the Weiand 144 teflon rotor blower.

The Weiand 144 supercharger is a slightly smaller supercharger unit its lower profile housing makes it popular for under bonnet supercharging many v8 engines. The 144 Weiand super charger uses Teflon strips to seal the rotors to the casing the 144 supercharger was designed to be used on a late model Chevy 350 with limited modifications to give an increase in horse power of about 130 horsepower.


The factory polished supercharger and manifold shown suits the later model 5.7 Litre Vortec Chev engine.

The main difference between the Weiand 144 supercharger and the 142 supercharger is the rotors. With the Weiand 144 the rotors use Teflon strips on the rotor tips to seal against the blower case, this does give a better seal short term as the seal between the rotors and supercharger housing is much closer. With Teflon tipped rotors can wear over a period of time and increase the clearance between the supercharger housing and the sealing tips on the rotors, when this happens the tips will need to be replaced. The Weiand 142 rotor and super charger housing are set with a clearance between the rotor and housing and do not use teflon seals. Both the Weiand 142, Weiand 144 are based on the GM 53 series super charger and use an extruded aluminum material for there 2 lobe rotors.

This is a guide only but to use it as an example if your engine was around 350 cubic inches in its naturally aspirated form had a compression ratio of 8.5 to 9.0 to 1 and by selecting a pulley that would produce say 5 pounds of boost your engine would have a compression ratio of around 12 to 1 boosted. Now if the engine is smaller in cubic inch capacity that can increase the base line number meaning a smaller engine will produce more boost than a larger engine when driven at the same engine speed. The thing that needs to be considered when running boost is with increased cylinder pressures and fuels with lower octane the amount of timing advance needs to be looked at closely. Sure you might think the extra power is great and you hear the odd rattle or ping but it wont take long and you can have head gaskets blown, piston damage and then its time for a rebuild.


The offset drive Ford Windsor supercharger kit solves the problem of the position of the distributor.

144 Series Weiand Superchargers feature a low-profile design that offers even more hood clearance than the 142 series. The 144 series is around 3/4 of an inch lower than the 142 Weiand supercharger. Teflon tipped rotors in the 144 superchargers create tight rotor to case tolerances for improved boost capabilities.

Both the 142 and 144 series superchargers feature 100% NEW CNC machined parts . New thick-wall cases and rotors eliminate high-RPM flex and provide maximum reliability. All superchargers are 100% Boost Tested to help you squeeze the maximum power and efficiency out of your supercharger!


Weiand 142 with additional components from Aussiespeed to fit the supercharger to a Holden 6 cylinder engine with either a 9 port or 12 port cylinder head.


Aussiespeed supercharger components and manifold fitted to a Chrysler Hemi 6 cylinder.

fuckn neoww

Holden 6 cylinder fitted with a satin finish supercharger.

weiand-177-supercharger - 1

Pictured is the larger Weiand 177, it has a flange mount base on the blower case. We can supply an adapter / base plate as a raw casting or machined to make mounting a Weiand 177 to another manifold.

weiand-177-width-supercharger - 1

This picture shows the width and measurement of a Weiand 177.

weiand-177-discharge-front-supercharger - 1

This picture shows the length of the front discharge hole on a 177 Weiand supercharger.

weiand-177-discharge-supercharger - 1

The rear discharge out let on the Weiand 177 blower.

weiand-177-length-supercharger - 1 (1)

The front gear case and drive on a 177 weiand and the 142 and 144 are the same. we can supply drive snouts in std lengths, shorter or longer.