Aussiespeed Supercharging Kits

The Aussiespeed supercharger kits have the option of using different super chargers to achieve different levels of performance and giving you many options. The bolt pattern used on most of the 6 cylinder and some V8 model Aussiespeed  supercharger manifolds except the Weiand 142 and Weiand 144, Holley and B&M style equivalent superchargers. Aussiespeed also manufacture adaptor plates that can be used for mounting other superchargers to the manifold like the M90 Eaton supercharger, M112 Eaton Supercharger, Weiand 177 super charger, 192 CI Blower Shop, some model GM 71 series diesel blowers and Wade superchargers.

snout-support-tensioner - 1

Aussiespeed polished tensioner and snout support kit to suit a Holden 6. The same components are used on most kits except the thermo bracket may differ.

balancer -inline-6

Chevy 292 chemically bonded balancer has a machined steel hub that locates of the centre boss, this allows a flat face also for the lower supercharger pulley to mount to.

supercharger-crank-adapter.jpg - 1

A partly machined crank hub fitted to a Chevy 292 balancer. The drive pulley gets bolted to the crank hub once it is machined. We can supply a chemically bonded balancer with the extra machining done for a bolt up fit.

bottom-pulley - 1

The lower supercharger drive pulley is bolted to the crank hub, this allows for a simple bolt on pulley change and in most applications the lower drive pulley also acts as a safety ring for the outer balancer v belt pulley.


The way we have designed the Aussiespeed supercharger kits is to use the same components to fit each model engine regardless of which super charger you want to fit. The front drive hub that bolts to the balancer needs to be machined on most balancers so it is located on a boss or machined recesses so it doesnt rely on the bolts to locate the bottom pulley.  Most of our 4 bolt pulleys use the same PCD as our top drive snout hubs and crank hubs. We use the same tensioner arm and mechanical tensioner on all our snout mounted models and the snout support arm only differ in length depending where it mounts to on different engines.  The snout length varies between the different brands of superchargers while all the other components are the same. We make snouts for most configurations and lengths.

aussiespeed-blower-snout - 1 (1)

The snout housing, machining, pulleys and spline ed drive shafts as well as the snout pulley hub not pictured are all made here in Australia. The Eaton drive shaft uses a drive dog system not a spline to drive the pulley. Aussiespeed supercharger snouts can be supplied with splined or dog style ends

245-hemi-6-supercharger-kit.jpg - 1

Hemi 6 Aussiespeed manifold being fitted with a Eaton M112 supercharger. The adapters can be supplied machined when using all of the Aussiespeed components.

If you purchased a kit to fit an M90 for a Holden 6 cylinder and decided you wanted to upgrade to a 144 Weiand  you would unbolt the M90, the base adapter and the drive snout and replace it with the Weiand 142, the correct length snout and possibly depending on the level of boost a pulley change. So the difference in the prices of the different kits only changes with the cost of the different superchargers and the base adapter if required.

m90-supercharger-holden-6-kit.jpg - 1

We can also supply some components unmachined so you can use our products for your own fit up.

aussiespeed-blower-drives - 1

Our supercharger drive snouts are available to suit various superchargers and we can supply them as a longer assembly than many other manufacturers.


When you purchase the kit to fit a Weiand 142 you do not require an adapter plate to fit the blower to the manifold. The M90 eaton requires a few extra components that add to the price of the blower that soon add to the price. A used GM M90 Eaton cost around $300 to say $550.00. A new one can be brought for around $1295.00. The prices below are a guide.

  1. Adapter from manifold to M90 $250.00
  2. Elbow from blower to throttle body $120.00
  3. Carb adapter to replace throttle body $285.00
  4. Gear case to bolt the Aussiespeed drive snout on $250.00
  5. Rebuild of supercharger if needed and rotors are ok  $600.00.

If we have a quick add up its around $1500.00 in extras after you have purchased your M90 supercharger.

aussiespeed-super-charger-drives - 1


Holden 6 cylinder fitted with a complete black kit.