Slant 6 Chrysler Supercharging

The Slant 6 Chrysler Valiant engine also known as the Tower of Power is an inline 6 cylinder Mopar engine that has been used in cars, trucks, farming equipment, hot rods and race cars.

Aussiespeed manufacture a very large range of speed equipment for the mighty Slant 6 including supercharger kits that fit a range of different superchargers. The Weiand 142 Supercharger pictured above is just 1 of many that our range caters for.

The M90 Eaton Buick supercharger fitted to a slant six has had the throttle body replaced with an AS0343 4 barrel carb intake.

Aussiespeed Slant 6 manifold is supplied drilled to use our steel manifold support and a snout to suit the supercharger you want to run. The 142 Weiand will bolt straight onto the manifold. We have adapter plates that will allow M90 Eaton,The  Blower shop 192 and a few other options.

The Slant 6 Aussiespeed supercharger manifold support arm requires a 10 mm hole to be drilled into the engine mount .

It is very important when bolting on your slant 6 manifold that you check that the studs on the cylinder head are straight and the correct length for the intake flanges.  On runner 1 and 6 there are 2 drilled 1/3 holes that should not be ground in the cut out. the flange width can be ground to get it to fit your header/exhaust. The part holes are drilled to get the manifold to be  level with the crankshaft of the engine. If these are modified you can have trouble with belt alignment with the crankshaft.